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PT Glass Shader

A glass shader built from the ground up with path tracing in mind. Path Tracing provides some of the most accurate lighting, reflections, refractions and translucency quality available in Unreal engine.



A wide selection of Clean and Simple options / settings built right into each Material Instance.

Labeled and Organized into categories for easy modification.

  • Global Settings

  • Imperfection Settings

  • Normal Map Settings

  • Metallic Settings

  • Specular Settings

  • Emissive Settings

  • Opacity Settings

  • Ambient Occlusion Settings

  • Bubble Color Settings


Well Organized Folder system. Folders for Materials Instance, Master Material, Normal Maps, Imperfections and Textures.
Pre-Made Material instances for simple drag and drop utilization. Easily duplicate and customize any of the 20 ready to use Material Instances.


All good things come from a single solid foundation. The Path Tracing Glass Shader is created using a single Master Material.
The Master Material is clean and easy to navigate. Comment Labels added to every element and easy to follow points / lines.

Created using Translucent Blend Mode and Surface Forward Shading Lighting Mode for accurate Path Tracing results.

4K Texture Maps

Glass Shader Pack comes with 4K High Quality Texture Maps for both the Imperfection/Roughness maps and the Normals Maps.