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A simple ue5 blueprint for displacing geomertry non destructively. Now with geometry based generated snow build-up.

A perfect compliment to megascans textures & assets.

Displacer was created for Unreal Engine 5 with the intentions of enhancing your meshes with proper non-destructive Tessellation / Displacement. A perfect companion for Megascans Textures.

Displacer Update / Tutorial | v4

New Convert to Static Mesh option built into the Blueprint!

Plus several Quality of Life Improvements.

Displacer Tool Overview / Tutorial | v1

Snow Gen Overview / Tutorial | v2


Non Destructive

Displacer uses the unreal engine geometry script plugin and dynamic mesh to displace meshes in a non-destructive manner for continuous customization without baking the geometry to a static mesh.

Modify your mesh with displacer's multiple options.
Displacement map

Displacement power

Displacement uv tiling

Displacement uv offset

Displacement uv rotation angle

Displacement uv rotation origin

Displacement uv color channel

Subdivision amount

Recompute normals

All Angles

Megascans Materials are beautiful high quality textures however without proper displacement they appear flat. Using Displacer you can take them to the next level. Literally. Perfect for blending into other Megascans 3D assets.


Once you've fine tuned your displaced object you can use the Modeling Tools plugin within Unreal Engine 5 to simply convert the Dynamic Mesh into a Static Mesh which can then be converted into a much more  performance efficient Nanite mesh.