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Massive Update! 10 New Levels + More!

What is it?

FractalMaze is a very early game concept. The general idea is simple. Get to the end of the maze, only catch is you cant see the maze, and it is only revealed as you walk onto the platform. If this sounds like something fun, try out the early releases of it and give it a whirl! I just ask that you let me know your comments and feedback so i can continue top develop this! Use the Contact Us button below to leave feedback.


Planned Ideas


  • Star rating/point system based on time of maze completion. (Completed)

  • Mutliple Biomes (Fantasy, Pirate, Western, Sci-fi, Cyber Punk, Lava Cave, Modern City, Asian)

  • Each Biome will have around 7-10 unique mazes.

  • Biome progression most likely based on stars collected from previous Biome. (Partially Completed)

  • Unique Characters based on each Biome.

  • Full Settings Menu for Gameplay, Graphics, Audio. (Partially Completed)

  • Online Scoreboard.

  • Potential "Power Ups". Speed/Jump boost, Breadcrumbs to remember where you have been, launcher that reveals maze where you shoot it. (Partially Completed)

  • Possibly Procedurally generating the mazes?

  • Moving Platforms. (Completed)

  • Multiple height mazes for harder levels. (Partially Completed)

Release Notes


  • 10 Brand New Fantasy Skies Levels!

  • New Level Selector Map!

  • Level Progression System. Levels unlock on completion of previous level.

  • Score and BP system revamped.

  • Score and BP Display board on Map Select level.

  • Original map turned into a "Practice Map" with a Practice Maze and Game Mechanic section.

  • Revamped all Menus and Huds with a updated font and cleaner look.

  • Updated look Main Menu level.

  • Preview of Next Biome!

* All previous scores will not be carried over. New Save file. If you have issues you can delete the Save File in the Settings menu.


  • Game Wont Start
    Once you have downloaded please make sure you extract the zip. Once unzipped browse the the "Fractal maze" folder you double click the FractalMaze.exe You may be asked to download C++ Prerequisites also. This is normal for Unreal games. If you having other issues please Contact Me.
  • My Score / PB isn't showing correctly or blank. (V.0.1.4 Crashing)
    **UPDATE** The latest 0.1.4 Hot Fix has added a new [Delete Save Data] Button in the Settings Menu. Use this to delete old save files and create new ones. ------------------------- It's possible you may have ran a previous version of fractal Maze before. The save data from an older version may not be compatible with the latest version. You can easily fix this by deleting the save data. First open your File Explorer and Browse to c:\Users\<username>\AppData\FractalMaze You can delete all content in this folder. (This will delete all your current score and Personal best records.) AppData folder is a hidden folder. You will need to change your view settings to show hidden.
  • Where can I download
    Scroll to the top of the page and choose "Download the Latest version"
  • Game plays super slow.
    GRAPHICS SETTINGS : I am constantly working on performance. Please be patient. When the game opens it defaults to the "HIGH" graphics setting. However you can press [TAB] key once in the game and change the graphics setting to a lower selection to fit your hardware. You need to press [APPLY SETTINGS] for the graphics settings to take affect. All of these settings are saved and will be applied and next boot up. Quality Settings : LOW MEDIUM HIGH EPIC If you have other issues please contact me along with your hardware. AUDIO SETTINGS : You can adjust all of the audio levels in game individually. (Music, Voice, SFX, Menu Sounds) Use sliders to adjust volume higher or lower. Currently these sliders will not reflect the actual volume when closing settings menu and re-opening. Currently Audio settings are not saved when closing game.

Please report any bugs, comments, issues or suggestions using the contact button below or join the discord channel.

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