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Candle Generator

Dynamically Create Modern Style Candles with a single Blueprint. Near Endless possibilities. Perfect for your Archvis or Décor project.

Candle Generator requires the "Geometry Script Plugin" to be enabled.

The included Example Maps use HDRI for lighting. The "HDRI Plugin" Will need to be enabled also.


Fully Dynamic

Candle Generator is completely dynamic and extremely customizable with a single Blueprint. Each Blueprint instance has an array or adjustments with easy access variables. Near Endless Possibilities.

  • Glass Adjustments :

    • Radius, Height, Thickness, Bottom Thickness, Stepping, Shape Flare, Smoothing.

  • Candle Adjustments :

    • Height, Wick Length, Wick Thickness, Flame, Light Intensity/Temp.​

  • Lid Adjustments :

    • Thickness and Materials

  • Labels and Wrappers :

    • Label Style and Size and Wrapper full or Masked.


Path Tracing & Lumen Support

Candle Generator includes a glass shader for both Lumen and Path Tracing. The Path Tracing shader is built from our custom PT Glass Shader also available on the Marketplace. 

Path Tracing

The Path Tracing version will provide the highest quality and most accurate reflections/refractions. Great for Cinematics or Still Renders.


The lumen version will work best with Ray Tracing Reflections enabled. Lumen Reflections have major limitations but will work for Real-Time applications.


The Wax Shader is based on a Subsurface Scattering Profile Material which provides an exceptional amount of realism.

Taking it to the next level the Wax Material is color adjustable al
ong with a Two Tone color gradient option.

The Wax also comes with a beautifully realistic normal map top surface for texture.

*Subsurface works best with Path Tracing.


Included in the Candle Generator is the option to add Wrappers to the candle jar. This is accomplished by creating an actual mesh wrapping with a Wrapper Material.

Some of the Wrappers also include a mask texture which allows for areas to be transparent while others are solid giving it a beautiful printed style look. Candle Generator comes with 4 Floral style and 4 Plaid Style Wrappers.


On top of the Beautiful Wrappers you can also add a Label. There are Seven Styles/Colors included. 

You will be able to expand your Wrapper and Label options with add-on packs that will be available in the future.

Label Size and Position can be adjusted within each Material instance.

Making things Lit

Each Candle has the option of being Lit or not along with an actual attached Point Light. The Flame Material makes use of Simple Wind for creating movement. You can adjust the Emissive amount of the Flame as well as the Point Light Intensity and Color Temp.


Frosted Glass

The Path Tracing Glass Material includes a great option for creating a Frosted Glass style look. Many real Modern style Candles incorporate this look.

Do to Lumen limitations the Lumen version provides only an opaque look.

Distorted Glass

A selection or Normal Map options are included in the Glass Material which allows for some Unique and Decorative style glass looks. This combined with a Frosted look can create some incredible results.


A simple Lid option is available within the Blueprint. You can adjust the Lid thickness in each instance.

Customizing of the Lid comes from Materials. Included are Seven Material options with adjustments.

  • 2 x Woods

  • 1 x Cork

  • 2 x Copper

  • 2 x Aluminum

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